Sabtu, 04 Maret 2017

The reason I went to college education

Continuing education to university or college course is everyone's dream. Although not all were thinking like that, but the majority. Higher education course in public are viewed and "guaranteed". Moreover, as parents, have children in college to bear the status of "Bachelor" is a dream once the pride is priceless.
Likewise with their candidate and had been a student, there is an interest of its own as a college student. Not only to learn and accept a myriad of tasks from teachers, but more than that again. Being a college student has "more value".
Discover and experience new things in the dynamics of turbulent campus academic and non-academic challenge. The interest to be a college student, it is not just simply to pursue the ideals alone, there are seven fundamental reasons why a person wants to study, namely;

1. Looking for work.
The most important reason and dominate someone lecture. Even in persespsi student, college helps to get a job, even if it means his work is sometimes not in line with the science that was involved in a college before. Are common in the field, in essence wanted to be able to work and can make ends meet.
Not to mention some recent campus in the media to promote and expressed readiness to menghasilakn sarjanan are ready to work with a diverse network of employment scattered mapun domestic companies abroad.
 2. Improve HR
Lecture to learn and want to improve human resources, for most students today become secondary to the first position above that dominates my own version. Uncommon to hear the lecture today really want to want to increase HR (learning seriously) and knowledge can bermanfaaat to society.
Students today do tend to be pragmatic, although there, too can be counted on fingers. Individualistic and selfish, the two sides of this nature have formed a human character whose name the student.
3. Social Status
tuition for some people who are able or moneyed certainly is a symbol and the symbol "ability". Lectures are still perceived as higher education with expensive fees plus other complementary facilities, is the pride and satisfaction teresediri for the parents and student Si. Some even with Jor-rod "publish" their own relatives or children out of the country until college.

4. Organize.
It became pertimbangn large enough, why seseoraang passion for college. In addition to running a formal lecture activities, extra activity or organization to fill the spare time give a large contribution to the students concerned.
Even for students who are active and serious in the organization, capable and could be a capital guarantee at the same time when a plunge in the field to get a job.
 5. Looking for Relationship
Subject besides dealing with people with from diverse regions, ethnicity, race, religion, college also means the right to seek new relationships. Sometimes the campus made in the strategic space in building the network, which aims to get to know one another which will lead to a definite purpose.
More and more have friends (relations), the better. It can be used to search a variety of information needed by Si students in the future. Especially at this time, the growth of social networks which increasingly spread among students. Easily create a community on the Facebook page, and interact with each other with a variety of purposes, from talking aktivitasnsehari-day to a job offer, very helpful not!

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