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my business plan ( Selling fried rice )

Starting a business today can be done by anyone with any type of business. One type of business that is very potential for the run is the business of selling fried rice. This one business enters into a kind of solid food culinary business, namely food that fills. Since the first, culinary business is good enough to run, considering the meaning of the culinary itself is food. Where food is the basic requirement for living things including humans.

Fried rice is a familiar food in our ears, from sabang to merauke must know this one food. Even fried rice is one of the most delicious foods in the World and in Indonesia. Origin of fried rice itself is not very clear, some say fried rice comes from the country of China and some say if fried rice originated from Indonesia. But where it comes from clear fried rice has been known throughout the world and is a food of a million people.

Business fried rice itself is not a business that must be established with a large initial capital, because fried rice itself is a food of a million people, not only the rich, but the bottom can also eat fried rice. That's because the price of fried rice itself is not as expensive as restaurant food, at a cost of only 10 thousand we can enjoy delicious fried rice.

If you are interested to start this one business, we will share some successful tips business selling fried rice, here are some tips, who knows useful for you.

Business Tips For Selling Fried Rice To Succeed And Produce

1. Place of Sale / Business Location

As I have explained above, fried rice is a food that does not look at social status, anyone likes fried rice. Seeing this, you do not need to take into account the problem of the place of business. The most important is the fried rice in crowded places, such as near the highway. You are free to sell fried rice, want to use a cart or set up a fried rice restaurant. Adjust it with the existing capital, so the business can run smoothly.

2. Business Equipment of Fried Rice

What is fried rice business equipment? Actually not much different from other culinary equipment supplies. Clearly in need cooking utensils and other supporting facilities. This business equipment obviously requires capital or cost to buy it, but you can minimize costs by using your cooking device at home. Some of the needed are:
- Carts / Showcase: Rp. 2.500.000, -
- Gas Stove and Gas Tube: Rp. 300.000, -
- Cookware: Rp. 300.000, -
- Eating Equipment: Rp. 200.000, -
- Facilities: Rp. 200.000, -
- Other: Rp. 200.000, -

The range of initial capital needed in starting this business about Rp. 3.700.000, -. But that is not a fixed number, the price of goods can change, all depends on the type of goods and specifications. In addition, if you start this business with a place of business in the form of buildings, then you need a capital larger than the capital above, can be up to 15 or even 20 Millions.

3. Sense of Fried Rice

Delicious is a positive expression of the consumer to you, if the buyer says your fried rice tasty, then can make sure the buyer will come back the next day. So the essence of fried rice business, you have to make fried rice with delicious flavor, if it can be more delicious than your competitors. In addition, you also have to be creative in serving fried rice, you can present with decoration or with a look that impressed unique or luxurious. In addition you can also add a variety of flavors of fried rice.

4. Prices of Fried Rice

In addition to taste, the price is also an important factor in the business of selling fried rice. Make sure if you sell fried rice with a friendly price with the surrounding community. At least you have to sell fried rice with a standard price, but still keep the taste and quality of the fried rice. The delicious taste of friendly prices is clearly more in select many people. The most important not to lose because it sells fried rice with a price that is too cheap.


Kamis, 01 Juni 2017



The wallet is a compulsory item that accompanies everyday activities of almost everyone. Starting from guys, girls, old, young, to children also use it for the sake of money. But for guys, wallets have a more important role. Cool purse is said to increase the level of kekerenan guy to many times as well.
One of the wallets that is believed to be authentic cool for the guys is a leather wallet. The impression is tough, and of course masculine makes the guy who uses it look cooler. Unfortunately, expensive leather wallets expensive. So think before buying it.
But do not worry this time I will give you a way how to make your own leather wallet easily and cheaply.

1.      To create your own wallet, it takes some tools and materials, including:

• Skin, because we want to make a leather wallet, then the material we need yes this skin. You can get in leather shops in your city. For the learning phase, use low quality leather first.
•           Sharp knife
• Sharp scissors

• A ruler made of stainless steel
• Skin glue, this can also be found in leather shops
• Pencils, used to create grooves on the skin
• Needles,
• Yarn
• The hole maker, if it does not exist, can temporarily use a nail.
• A hammer with a rubber head

2. Cut the skin into two parts, one for the outside and one for the inside

Cut two pieces of skin. One for the outside, and one for the inside. For the inside of the wallet, cut the skin to the size of 29cm x 10cm. And the outside of the wallet is 31cm x 10cm.

3. Make a line on the skin, to determine where you will fold the skin

Then mark with a pencil, then cut it with the tip of the nail to fold easily. In the skin that will be used for the outside, measure the skin from each side along 5.5 cm and then make a line using a pencil. To be more easily folded, use the outside of the nail or whatever and press the line that you created earlier.


4. Then for the inner skin, fold it to form like this



5. Create a line using a debit card, or a KTP also allowed

6. Glue the part between the folding point with the part that has been drawn earlier

To paste this section, use a skin glue, then tap slowly using a rubber-headed hammer or plastic. Hammers of this type are useful to avoid unfiltered defects on the surface of the skin.

7. Draw lines and holes again to determine the position of the card later

 afterwards, you create points to determine the needle of sewing using a special tool called a stitching wheel, or if you do not have one, just use a pencil and a ruler, then mark it with a pencil and make the points about 6mm apart. Afterwards, use the needle to punch the dots. Remember! Only the middle of the size of the card yes, which on the edges do not have Punching holes.

8. Sew the skin to be like this

9. Combine the outer and inner skin, then sew the two into one Make sure

       You use a strong thread to unite this wallet.

10. But remember! At the top of the wallet, do not sew out the outer shell, as this space is used to save money

Do not sew the upper outer shells! Just two parts are inside only. Because this part will be used to put your paper money. You can not put it in this wallet.

11. Jreeeng ...! Leather-made leather wallets are ready,

This is the appearance of the result of making a leather wallet! Simple and not much akseseoris because it is an adult men do not need ornaments that are too crowded.

Motorcycle mechanic interview

Interview  :

Interviewer: "Good afternoon father, sorry we disturb. My arrival here intends to ask you a few things about how to care for a motorcycle is good and right. "

Resource Person: "Yes please, I am happy to help."

Interviewer: "Well our first question, what kind of problem do you usually meet most often on motorcycles?"

Resource persons: "The most are problems in the carburetor, ignition (spark plugs and CDI), and on the magnetic coils."

Interviewer: "What are the signs if the motorcycle has been damaged?"

Resource Person: "When in gas, motorcycle stagnant or dead instantly then the problem is the spark plug or carburetor that is exposed to water. If the brake pedal is jammed the problem is a rust on the brake pedal, if it is difficult to shift gears one of the reasons is that oil has not been replaced for a long time. "

Interviewer: "What factors caused damage to the motorcycle?"

Resource Person: "Actually there are many factors that cause damage to the motorcycle among them
How to ride a motorcycle that does not match the power of the engine, as used tracks.
Used nonstop or for long periods of time.
Slow change of oil.
Frequent rain.
Never in service.
And others."
Interviewer: "Where should we repair a motorcycle?"

Resource Person: "In any workshop you already know experienced or at an authorized motorcycle dealer."

Interviewer: "How do we take care of motorcycles so as not to get damaged quickly?"

Resource Person: "Before starting the motorcycle, we have to check fuel, oil and battery water.         After all new controlled at start, but do not directly in the gas let the motor live stationary, a few seconds or minutes then just pulled the gas slowly. Every 1500 km of oil should be replaced, turnover adjusted to machine specifications. Carburetor parts are serviced regularly at least every 3 months. Then check the battery water conditions do not let the battery water beyond the maximum and minimum limits which can consequently accelerate the damage to the battery cells. Then, check the chain and gear do not let the chain terlukukendor or too tight, if too tight then the chain can break off otherwise if too loose chains will be separated from the gear and do not forget to provide lubricant on the chain to be more durable.

Interviewer: "Thank you for all the explanations you have given, may be useful for those who need knowledge of automotive."

Resource Person: "Yes, equally.

Rabu, 31 Mei 2017

I can not live without family

The family is a precious gem for my life, in the family of love, love, togetherness I can get in the family. Can not imagine if I live without a family, maybe I've been abandoned in life out there and feel lonely.

Every now and then I have felt lonely when my siblings and siblings have all fallen asleep at night, when it is very quiet and I feel a little scared, which makes it difficult for me to fall asleep, wanting to wake them all to make the atmosphere busier again . That's just an example of how precious the family is.

Without my family I probably would not like this to live well, be school, live happy, and I feel very lucky and grateful to be able to live with a complete family, while many out there are living without side by side with their families, even some of them are from Little has been lived by his family, those who live without a family may not live as happy as I am today.

In the family there are parents who sincerely cared for me from childhood until I was a teenager, my parents finance me school so that I can become a useful person and become a successful person later.

The father, who is the head of the family, works enthusiastically for the sake of making a living to meet the needs of the household, paying my siblings, brother and me money and protecting my family against any threats that try to endanger the family. And my mom is someone who used to provide food for our family, the atmosphere with the family is more delicious even though the dishes are provided only tamarind, salted fish and sambel, compared to when eating alone even in restaurants.

I have an older brother, although I often quarrel my sister often helps me when I'm having trouble. So a family consisting of Father, mother, sister, sister and also some other people who are still bound in blood relations and interdependence will always need each other.

So great is the role of the family in our lives, because thankful you who still have a complete family, and happy your parents until the end of their lives.

theme : The dangers of drugs ( speech )

Good morning and best wishes to all of us ..
Dear miss dini as lecturer of English course
As well as friends I love.

Let us praise the presence of the omnipotent God who has bestowed His favor so that we can gather here and today I will deliver a speech on Drugs.

In Indonesia the number of drug users is so great, because of the weakness of law enforcement in Indonesia international distributors can cooperate with Indonesian citizens and gain a great advantage. Misuse of Narcotics and other additives it certainly brings a broad and complex impact. As a result, there are changes in behavior, health problems, declining drastic labor productivity, crime and other acts of violence.

Drug abuse can be prevented through programs such as following social activities, not associating with users or drug dealers, not easily affected by invitations or seduction to use drugs. Drug users are usually more dominated by teenagers and schoolchildren even to adults.

In this case I advise the school to help reduce drug users by providing counseling to students about the dangers and consequences of drug abuse through BP Teachers, a discussion involving students in planning for drug abuse and prevention interventions in schools. Another important program is the Narcotics alert program by identifying the characteristics of students who use drugs, be aware of the presence of unknown guests or dealers, conduct an impromptu raid.

Usually distributors and users in schools have been well aware of school programs to prevent users or users in school, they certainly anticipate it as well as they can. Any cleverness of their tips, like a clever squirrel jump, eventually fell too. Jurus-jurus avoid school detection they are mastered, but given the addictive nature of drugs and knee dose higher then the discipline safe way will unfold as well.

For that let us avoid and stay away and participate in combating the use of drugs. Thus a speech that I can convey if there is a mistake in speaking, I apologize. Thank you for your attention..

Senin, 29 Mei 2017

my skill

Being a well-known motorcycle mechanic is not a short life journey, it requires a process, takes time and a long experience. Currently at my college while also selling talent in the field of motor mechanics with one of my friends, maybe for meraka new selsay sma and do not know want to college or not as much as possible can try to join so motor mechanics. About him now so motor mechanics can be a must and can also money wkwkwkwkwkw .....
Try to read this for those who have not yet tau sma finish college or not .....
Prospects or opportunities.
Being an expert in the field of motor mechanics today or in the future is one of the right choice, seem increasingly high number of motors circulating in the streets. Users ranging from smp child to pensioners. The usual use of four-wheeled vehicles that use the motor as an alternative vehicle.
So that the above affects the development of after sales service business of motorcycles, such as service, maintenance, electrical, chassis, spare parts sales, modifications, accessories and others. This opportunity should not be left alone
Job description.
If simplified motor mechanical work is to adjust and replace the spark plug, ignition point, brake, repair or reshuffle machine, electrical system etc.
While most of the jobs available are speda motor shop or dealer, spare part store or workshop. If the government is generally in a place that uses many motorcycles such as police. Improvements in motor shape, engine adjustment, instrument addition, change design. For those who are experienced and have the capital is usually business owners as above.
Education Training.
Early learning is how to assemble a motor. Then how to do routine maintenance. Overhoul Get to know the electrical system. Get to know the engine system. Recognize the security system. Recognize the use of work support equipment etc. To be an experienced motor mechanic takes 2-3 years.
What if you do not have the funds to attend mechanical motor training or training. Can be cheated by hanging out in the workshop motor, of course workshop you know. If you want to get a small internship internship, it is certainly not a money goal but seeking knowledge. Often read articles or magazines related to motor, especially machine etc.
If you already know a little about the bike, try to help your friends to fix the bike, itung-itung menjajal your ability. The direct jump is the best teacher.
To become a motor mechanic expert is not required to graduate from high school or college. Indeed, to work in a large workshop you must graduate from an undergraduate or graduate degree, it concerns one of the requirements for further education that you must follow in connection with the career path in the company.
Entrepreneur And Motor Mechanic.
Then what is the relationship between motor mechanic experts with independent business. As mentioned above. If you are expert and have little capital, let alone many consumers who believe in you, then in general mechanical engineers will switch professions from mechanical experts to business owners and mechanical experts.
The author's suggestion as long as you become a mechanical motorcycle, learn also how to serve the good consumer, what the consumer needs, what motor problems other than the machine, how the system work and administration in the workshop, how to work well. With other mechanics as well as your seniors and others. Etc., so not only you who can be regarded as an expert mechanic, but also can be a successful entrepreneur candidate.
If you can become an independent entrepreneur why should be an employee. Begin to open the garage from the terrace, if it develops, look for a better place. My nephew's nephew already has a workshop business, because he does not understand the mechanical problems of the motor, so initially started from a motor washing effort, then slowly learn to repair a motorcycle if there is a broken one. Your teen can. To learn mechanical motors certainly do not have to wait to graduate school first, from now on!