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The wallet is a compulsory item that accompanies everyday activities of almost everyone. Starting from guys, girls, old, young, to children also use it for the sake of money. But for guys, wallets have a more important role. Cool purse is said to increase the level of kekerenan guy to many times as well.
One of the wallets that is believed to be authentic cool for the guys is a leather wallet. The impression is tough, and of course masculine makes the guy who uses it look cooler. Unfortunately, expensive leather wallets expensive. So think before buying it.
But do not worry this time I will give you a way how to make your own leather wallet easily and cheaply.

1.      To create your own wallet, it takes some tools and materials, including:

• Skin, because we want to make a leather wallet, then the material we need yes this skin. You can get in leather shops in your city. For the learning phase, use low quality leather first.
•           Sharp knife
• Sharp scissors

• A ruler made of stainless steel
• Skin glue, this can also be found in leather shops
• Pencils, used to create grooves on the skin
• Needles,
• Yarn
• The hole maker, if it does not exist, can temporarily use a nail.
• A hammer with a rubber head

2. Cut the skin into two parts, one for the outside and one for the inside

Cut two pieces of skin. One for the outside, and one for the inside. For the inside of the wallet, cut the skin to the size of 29cm x 10cm. And the outside of the wallet is 31cm x 10cm.

3. Make a line on the skin, to determine where you will fold the skin

Then mark with a pencil, then cut it with the tip of the nail to fold easily. In the skin that will be used for the outside, measure the skin from each side along 5.5 cm and then make a line using a pencil. To be more easily folded, use the outside of the nail or whatever and press the line that you created earlier.


4. Then for the inner skin, fold it to form like this



5. Create a line using a debit card, or a KTP also allowed

6. Glue the part between the folding point with the part that has been drawn earlier

To paste this section, use a skin glue, then tap slowly using a rubber-headed hammer or plastic. Hammers of this type are useful to avoid unfiltered defects on the surface of the skin.

7. Draw lines and holes again to determine the position of the card later

 afterwards, you create points to determine the needle of sewing using a special tool called a stitching wheel, or if you do not have one, just use a pencil and a ruler, then mark it with a pencil and make the points about 6mm apart. Afterwards, use the needle to punch the dots. Remember! Only the middle of the size of the card yes, which on the edges do not have Punching holes.

8. Sew the skin to be like this

9. Combine the outer and inner skin, then sew the two into one Make sure

       You use a strong thread to unite this wallet.

10. But remember! At the top of the wallet, do not sew out the outer shell, as this space is used to save money

Do not sew the upper outer shells! Just two parts are inside only. Because this part will be used to put your paper money. You can not put it in this wallet.

11. Jreeeng ...! Leather-made leather wallets are ready,

This is the appearance of the result of making a leather wallet! Simple and not much akseseoris because it is an adult men do not need ornaments that are too crowded.

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