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Motorcycle mechanic interview

Interview  :

Interviewer: "Good afternoon father, sorry we disturb. My arrival here intends to ask you a few things about how to care for a motorcycle is good and right. "

Resource Person: "Yes please, I am happy to help."

Interviewer: "Well our first question, what kind of problem do you usually meet most often on motorcycles?"

Resource persons: "The most are problems in the carburetor, ignition (spark plugs and CDI), and on the magnetic coils."

Interviewer: "What are the signs if the motorcycle has been damaged?"

Resource Person: "When in gas, motorcycle stagnant or dead instantly then the problem is the spark plug or carburetor that is exposed to water. If the brake pedal is jammed the problem is a rust on the brake pedal, if it is difficult to shift gears one of the reasons is that oil has not been replaced for a long time. "

Interviewer: "What factors caused damage to the motorcycle?"

Resource Person: "Actually there are many factors that cause damage to the motorcycle among them
How to ride a motorcycle that does not match the power of the engine, as used tracks.
Used nonstop or for long periods of time.
Slow change of oil.
Frequent rain.
Never in service.
And others."
Interviewer: "Where should we repair a motorcycle?"

Resource Person: "In any workshop you already know experienced or at an authorized motorcycle dealer."

Interviewer: "How do we take care of motorcycles so as not to get damaged quickly?"

Resource Person: "Before starting the motorcycle, we have to check fuel, oil and battery water.         After all new controlled at start, but do not directly in the gas let the motor live stationary, a few seconds or minutes then just pulled the gas slowly. Every 1500 km of oil should be replaced, turnover adjusted to machine specifications. Carburetor parts are serviced regularly at least every 3 months. Then check the battery water conditions do not let the battery water beyond the maximum and minimum limits which can consequently accelerate the damage to the battery cells. Then, check the chain and gear do not let the chain terlukukendor or too tight, if too tight then the chain can break off otherwise if too loose chains will be separated from the gear and do not forget to provide lubricant on the chain to be more durable.

Interviewer: "Thank you for all the explanations you have given, may be useful for those who need knowledge of automotive."

Resource Person: "Yes, equally.

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