Rabu, 31 Mei 2017

I can not live without family

The family is a precious gem for my life, in the family of love, love, togetherness I can get in the family. Can not imagine if I live without a family, maybe I've been abandoned in life out there and feel lonely.

Every now and then I have felt lonely when my siblings and siblings have all fallen asleep at night, when it is very quiet and I feel a little scared, which makes it difficult for me to fall asleep, wanting to wake them all to make the atmosphere busier again . That's just an example of how precious the family is.

Without my family I probably would not like this to live well, be school, live happy, and I feel very lucky and grateful to be able to live with a complete family, while many out there are living without side by side with their families, even some of them are from Little has been lived by his family, those who live without a family may not live as happy as I am today.

In the family there are parents who sincerely cared for me from childhood until I was a teenager, my parents finance me school so that I can become a useful person and become a successful person later.

The father, who is the head of the family, works enthusiastically for the sake of making a living to meet the needs of the household, paying my siblings, brother and me money and protecting my family against any threats that try to endanger the family. And my mom is someone who used to provide food for our family, the atmosphere with the family is more delicious even though the dishes are provided only tamarind, salted fish and sambel, compared to when eating alone even in restaurants.

I have an older brother, although I often quarrel my sister often helps me when I'm having trouble. So a family consisting of Father, mother, sister, sister and also some other people who are still bound in blood relations and interdependence will always need each other.

So great is the role of the family in our lives, because thankful you who still have a complete family, and happy your parents until the end of their lives.

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