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Being a well-known motorcycle mechanic is not a short life journey, it requires a process, takes time and a long experience. Currently at my college while also selling talent in the field of motor mechanics with one of my friends, maybe for meraka new selsay sma and do not know want to college or not as much as possible can try to join so motor mechanics. About him now so motor mechanics can be a must and can also money wkwkwkwkwkw .....
Try to read this for those who have not yet tau sma finish college or not .....
Prospects or opportunities.
Being an expert in the field of motor mechanics today or in the future is one of the right choice, seem increasingly high number of motors circulating in the streets. Users ranging from smp child to pensioners. The usual use of four-wheeled vehicles that use the motor as an alternative vehicle.
So that the above affects the development of after sales service business of motorcycles, such as service, maintenance, electrical, chassis, spare parts sales, modifications, accessories and others. This opportunity should not be left alone
Job description.
If simplified motor mechanical work is to adjust and replace the spark plug, ignition point, brake, repair or reshuffle machine, electrical system etc.
While most of the jobs available are speda motor shop or dealer, spare part store or workshop. If the government is generally in a place that uses many motorcycles such as police. Improvements in motor shape, engine adjustment, instrument addition, change design. For those who are experienced and have the capital is usually business owners as above.
Education Training.
Early learning is how to assemble a motor. Then how to do routine maintenance. Overhoul Get to know the electrical system. Get to know the engine system. Recognize the security system. Recognize the use of work support equipment etc. To be an experienced motor mechanic takes 2-3 years.
What if you do not have the funds to attend mechanical motor training or training. Can be cheated by hanging out in the workshop motor, of course workshop you know. If you want to get a small internship internship, it is certainly not a money goal but seeking knowledge. Often read articles or magazines related to motor, especially machine etc.
If you already know a little about the bike, try to help your friends to fix the bike, itung-itung menjajal your ability. The direct jump is the best teacher.
To become a motor mechanic expert is not required to graduate from high school or college. Indeed, to work in a large workshop you must graduate from an undergraduate or graduate degree, it concerns one of the requirements for further education that you must follow in connection with the career path in the company.
Entrepreneur And Motor Mechanic.
Then what is the relationship between motor mechanic experts with independent business. As mentioned above. If you are expert and have little capital, let alone many consumers who believe in you, then in general mechanical engineers will switch professions from mechanical experts to business owners and mechanical experts.
The author's suggestion as long as you become a mechanical motorcycle, learn also how to serve the good consumer, what the consumer needs, what motor problems other than the machine, how the system work and administration in the workshop, how to work well. With other mechanics as well as your seniors and others. Etc., so not only you who can be regarded as an expert mechanic, but also can be a successful entrepreneur candidate.
If you can become an independent entrepreneur why should be an employee. Begin to open the garage from the terrace, if it develops, look for a better place. My nephew's nephew already has a workshop business, because he does not understand the mechanical problems of the motor, so initially started from a motor washing effort, then slowly learn to repair a motorcycle if there is a broken one. Your teen can. To learn mechanical motors certainly do not have to wait to graduate school first, from now on!

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