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my business plan ( Selling fried rice )

Starting a business today can be done by anyone with any type of business. One type of business that is very potential for the run is the business of selling fried rice. This one business enters into a kind of solid food culinary business, namely food that fills. Since the first, culinary business is good enough to run, considering the meaning of the culinary itself is food. Where food is the basic requirement for living things including humans.

Fried rice is a familiar food in our ears, from sabang to merauke must know this one food. Even fried rice is one of the most delicious foods in the World and in Indonesia. Origin of fried rice itself is not very clear, some say fried rice comes from the country of China and some say if fried rice originated from Indonesia. But where it comes from clear fried rice has been known throughout the world and is a food of a million people.

Business fried rice itself is not a business that must be established with a large initial capital, because fried rice itself is a food of a million people, not only the rich, but the bottom can also eat fried rice. That's because the price of fried rice itself is not as expensive as restaurant food, at a cost of only 10 thousand we can enjoy delicious fried rice.

If you are interested to start this one business, we will share some successful tips business selling fried rice, here are some tips, who knows useful for you.

Business Tips For Selling Fried Rice To Succeed And Produce

1. Place of Sale / Business Location

As I have explained above, fried rice is a food that does not look at social status, anyone likes fried rice. Seeing this, you do not need to take into account the problem of the place of business. The most important is the fried rice in crowded places, such as near the highway. You are free to sell fried rice, want to use a cart or set up a fried rice restaurant. Adjust it with the existing capital, so the business can run smoothly.

2. Business Equipment of Fried Rice

What is fried rice business equipment? Actually not much different from other culinary equipment supplies. Clearly in need cooking utensils and other supporting facilities. This business equipment obviously requires capital or cost to buy it, but you can minimize costs by using your cooking device at home. Some of the needed are:
- Carts / Showcase: Rp. 2.500.000, -
- Gas Stove and Gas Tube: Rp. 300.000, -
- Cookware: Rp. 300.000, -
- Eating Equipment: Rp. 200.000, -
- Facilities: Rp. 200.000, -
- Other: Rp. 200.000, -

The range of initial capital needed in starting this business about Rp. 3.700.000, -. But that is not a fixed number, the price of goods can change, all depends on the type of goods and specifications. In addition, if you start this business with a place of business in the form of buildings, then you need a capital larger than the capital above, can be up to 15 or even 20 Millions.

3. Sense of Fried Rice

Delicious is a positive expression of the consumer to you, if the buyer says your fried rice tasty, then can make sure the buyer will come back the next day. So the essence of fried rice business, you have to make fried rice with delicious flavor, if it can be more delicious than your competitors. In addition, you also have to be creative in serving fried rice, you can present with decoration or with a look that impressed unique or luxurious. In addition you can also add a variety of flavors of fried rice.

4. Prices of Fried Rice

In addition to taste, the price is also an important factor in the business of selling fried rice. Make sure if you sell fried rice with a friendly price with the surrounding community. At least you have to sell fried rice with a standard price, but still keep the taste and quality of the fried rice. The delicious taste of friendly prices is clearly more in select many people. The most important not to lose because it sells fried rice with a price that is too cheap.

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